Getting The Grandkids To Help In The Kitchen

If you have been looking for new ways to get your grandkids to eat better, get out of their rooms, or you just want to spend more time with them then getting them interested in cooking is a great way to achieve this. What we learn as kids is how we carry on as adults and a true love for food can start very young. The time you spend with your children teaching them about the different aspects of food can have a tremendous impact on them as they get older.

But how do you grab their interest? There are several small appliances that can help you get them excited about helping you make various dishes, desserts, and even drinks. It should go without saying, but you should always make sure they are supervised, especially when working with things that can cut or burn them. Teach them about safety first, and the rest should be easy.

Small Kitchen Appliances That Kids Love

Children are often fascinated by new machines, especially in the kitchen. This is perhaps why an Easy-Bake Oven is so popular. Kids love to be creative and making food is a good way to channel their creativity. Here are some ideas of how to capture their imagination.

Ice Cream Machines

This one is pretty simple to understand. Kids love ice cream. They also love to make it as well. There is perhaps no better way to bring everyone together than with the sweet taste of a frozen dessert. Getting a home ice cream machine is a super way to put a smile on everyone’s face. They are cheap, easy to use, and the rewards are high. While there are some expensive high-end options out there, some of the top frozen dessert machines are quite affordable and they make all sorts of great desserts. You might be surprised how easy it is to get your children away from their phones when ice cream is involved. All you need are some simple ingredients and a little time. This is one appliance we feel every home should have.

Toaster Ovens

Some of today’s best toaster ovens can do just about everything you need when it comes to cooking food. If you have a small child that loves their Easy-Bake oven, then getting a small toaster oven can bring the same amount of interest. Since they are convenient to use, have a window to see what’s inside, and you can make everything from cookies to roasted chicken, toaster ovens are a fantastic way to bring your kids into the kitchen. These do tend to get hot on the sides and the top, so you will need to keep an eye on your little ones to avoid them touching it while in use. Watching their face as you take out something that you made together can be a priceless experience.


If you want to teach kids the importance of getting their fruits and vegetables, a juicer can make a lot of sense. Children tend to love juice and their is nothing better than when it is fresh. Their are also tons of recipes out there so that they will never get bored. It is also a nice way to get them off of soda. Juicers do have a potential for harm, so this is another appliance where strict supervision is advised. For their health and the quality of their diet, introducing them to the power of fresh juice and have a great influence on them. Portion control is also important as children can often get an upset stomach if they consume too much. Start small and go from there.

Spread The Love Of The Kitchen

These are just a few ideas of ways in which you can get bring your family together and let the kitchen be a gathering place. Teaching kids to eat healthy can take all forms and shapes and a little creativity can go a long way. Cooking with the kids is something that will benefit everyone and are experiences that you will tend to remember forever.