Vastly Improving Your Nutrition With A Masticating Juicing Machine

While juicing is a terrific way to supplement your diet and get the natural vitamins that your body needs, it can also be quite expensive. Not only to you have the cost of buying a juicer machine, but you also have to be fresh fruits and vegetables. Over time this can really add up. You might be surprised just how much produce you have to run through a juicer to get a full glass. Your grocery bill is going to rise dramatically. This is why it is so important to get a machine that is going to squeeze every last ounce of juice from whatever you drop into it. Having something that is efficient will help you keep that grocery tab in check and let you enjoy the benefits of juicing without breaking the bank. For this, we always recommend masticating juice extractors.

As we get older it is more important than ever to get the proper vitamins and minerals from our diet. Improved nutrition can go a long way to make you feel better as well as helping you get around a little more easily. Juicing is an excellent option for anyone who needs a healthy pick me up. It is also a fantastic way to get more fruits and vegetables back into your diet.

Why Get A Masticating Juicer?

Centrifugal and masticating juicing machines are vastly different when it comes to how they separate juice from the pulp. While centrifugal units are extremely fast, they are not that efficient when it comes to juicing certain foods, especially leafy vegetables. Masticating juicers do a great job of breaking down food and applying immense pressure to squeeze out juice. This is really useful when it comes to vegetables like spinach, watercress, and kale. You will get more juice from leafy greens and the extruded pulp with be significantly dryer when compared to centrifugal juicers.

They have the added advantage of being much quieter machines to operate. Lower noise output makes them much more pleasant to use every day and if you enjoy using your juicer you are more inclined to use it routinely. Healthy habits are usually a lot of work at first, having the right equipment can make it less of a hassle. Having a better quality juice is also another advantage that will help you see immediate benefits.

Which Models Should I Consider?

Luckily, there are are number of high quality masticating juicers that are worth buying. Omega is perhaps the best known brand when it comes to this type of appliance. Omega juicer reviews and ratings are often rather glowing for their overall performance and their warranties are unmatched. If you are going to put down a fair amount of money for a new machine you want to have some sort of assurance that if anything goes wrong that it will be taken care of, and this is a brand name that stands behind their juicers. They are solid, quiet, and dependable which has lead them to have one of the best reputations.

Omega NC800

This is one of their newest generation masticating machines and the NC800 is currently the top rated Omega juicer that you can buy. It has a number of features that make it a great choice for efficient juicing. A large opening on the feed chute will save you time on food prep and an adjustable nozzle will help you better control the flow and pressure to maximize your efficiency with different types of foods. It has a 15 year warranty and has food safe parts that are easy to clean. Owner ratings are exceptional and it gets high scores for how it well it handles green vegetables. It is efficient, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Omega VSJ843

This is one of their newer upright masticating juicers that will save you some room on your kitchen counter. It is almost whisper quiet and it has terrific performance with greens as well. The one thing about an upright model is that you have to be careful to not try and jam too much through the machine at once as this can cause clogging issues. Other than this one precaution, it shines when it comes to juice extraction.

Kuvings B6000

This is another vertical model that stands out for the size of its feed chute. It is quite large, comparable to those seen on centrifugal machines, which means that you can drop an entire apple into it. Barely any food prep is required which speeds up the entire juicing process. This does not get as high of marks from users as the Omega VSJ843, but it is still a very solid option in this area.

Other Masticating Juicers

Above are just three models that stand out, but there are others that are also worth considering. The Omega 8006 and 8004 are older generation juicers that can still deliver an excellent glass of juice. There is also the Champion juicer, Tribest Slowstar, and the Greenstar Elite which should all give you a super efficient juicing experience. Masticating juicers may cost a lot more up front, but their overall efficiency will end up saving you a ton in the long run. It is worth the extra price to get that little bit of extra juice out.